Central Student Council

The CSR consists of fourteen students, who commit themselves, for a year, to the promotions of the interests of students at the UvA. They do this by taking care of all the issues that concern students. This concerns big issues, for example housing plans, sustainability and internationalization, but also smaller ones like the entry hours of the library, the catering and the amount of study places.


The university needs to think about sustainability when forming policy and value sustainability centered research and education. We want our university to be inclusive and accessible. No student should feel excluded because they do not fit the prototype of a student. The university should give students and teachers more autonomy over their education. Learning is important, not regulations!

De Vrije Student

The Free Student is a national student party. We want students to have the freedom to study in their own way. The UvA must promote ambition as much as possible, and shouldn’t force students into tight shackles. The Free Student fights for real student interests!

Red UvA

Despite the occupation and protests of the Maagdenhuis three years ago, the austerity policies have been implemented. The student councils are a democratic farce, and are only used by the management for their own gain. Real change against the neoliberal trend can only be realized through action — not through student councils. Red UvA refuses to cooperate in a student council that has no real say in the policy but focuses on grassroots action against this disastrous policy. Red UvA is an electoral alliance between various students movements like the former student council members of de decentralen and Humanities Rally Partij, and activists from New University (NU!). Join Red UvA and take to the streets!