Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty Student Council (FSR) deals with issues that concern the AMC and defends the interests of students in meetings with the faculty board. Each year, there are a number of large and small subjects that the FSR is involved in. The FSR represents the students’ interests at the faculty board. The dean is obliged to listen because the FSR has legal consent and advisory rights.

Partij MFAS

(studenten & co-assistenten)

Naast dat de MFAS een studievereniging is, wil zij ook op een ander niveau de belangen van studenten op onze faculteit behartigen. Vandaar dat de MFAS ook sterk verbonden is met de studentenpartij Partij MFAS. Partij MFAS is een van de studentenpartijen, die zich specifiek richt op de belangen van de studenten aan de faculteit der Geneeskunde van de UvA.


(only co-assistants)

The university needs to think about sustainability when forming policy and value sustainability centred research and education. We want our university to be inclusive and accessible. No student should feel excluded because they do not fit the prototype of a student. The university should give students and teachers more autonomy over their education.
Learning is important, not regulations!