Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty Student Council (FSR) deals with issues that concern the Faculty of Humanities and defends the interests of students in meetings with the faculty board. Each year, there are a number of large and small subjects that the FSR is involved in. The FSR represents the students’ interests at the faculty board. The dean is obliged to listen because the FSR has legal consent and advisory rights.


TOF stands for a critical, qualitative and decentralised Faculty of Humanities (FoH). By means of strong and reasonable arguments, we are keen to discuss current and relevant issues with the management of our faculty. We believe that the the unique character of our faculty should be guaranteed and that the wishes of our students are looked after in a proper manner. We are humanities in heart and soul.




Ons Kritisch Alternatief

Ons Kritisch Alternatief chose not to send in a text. For more information go to the facebook page.