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The faculty student defends the interests of all students at the Faculty of Law. We want to ensure that the education of our faculty is as good as possible and that the conditions obtain. The council therefore advises on issues such as second chance opportunities and freedom of choice, but also for example computer facilities and catering. We also establish the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) each year, in which parts of your rights are captured as a student.

The currently existing parties of the FSR are:






OpRecht is THE faculty student party of the Law Faculty. We defend the interests of the law student without load or consultation. Oprecht thinks independence, responsibility and freedom of choice of students are the preconditions for a good study time. OpRecht’s candidates have diverse backgrounds and are there for you!


  • Quality of education must always be a priority in decision making processes
  • Against the scholarization of education at the FdR
  • Transparency at the administrative level
  • Qualitatively strong education with an emphasis on interaction
  • Add a student member to the Examination Board
  • An independent governance structure for PPLE













Inter: interaction, international, interdisciplinary. We stand for closing the gap between University governance and the student community through direct, transparent and flat democracy. As a grassroots party, we value ambition, curiosity and diversity, and welcome anyone who does too.


  • Interaction: transparent, direct, innovative communication between student representatives & students.
  • PPLE initiatives: more exchange and internship options, more academic freedom, a diversity of political opinions and backgrounds.
  • UvA initiatives: action on climate change, reducing food prices, transparency & democratization.
  • Intermingling: Finding fruitful solutions which benefit both law and PPLE students; where everybody wins.










The university needs to think about sustainability when forming policy and value sustainability centered research and education. We want our university to be inclusive and accessible. No student should feel excluded because they do not fit the prototype of a student. The university should give students and

teachers more autonomy over their education.

Learning is important, not regulations!


  • We stand for more attention to sustainability at the university
  • We want a more inclusive and diverse university
  • We need a more accessible university
  • We believe in more autonomy for teachers and students
  • We need to stop needless regulations in the educational life of students











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