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Faculty of humanities


The Faculty Student Council (FSR) deals with issues that concern the Faculty of Humanities and defends the interests of students in meetings with the faculty board. Each year, there are a number of large and small subjects that the FSR is involved in. The FSR represents the students’ interests at the faculty board. The dean is obliged to listen because the FSR has legal consent and advisory rights.




Humanities Rally Party

The problems we encountered two years ago still play on the FGW. The depth and quality of education are subject to continuous cuts. Still, teachers and students do not have enough insight into policies that directly affect them. Against the attenuation of education, in favor of democratising the faculty! Vote Humanities Rally Party!


  • Increase the level of education, stimulate layered knowledge, maintain small courses
  • Decentralize administrative power, more autonomy for programs
  • Reduce teachers’ workload, give them more freedom to form their own education
  • No BSA, no mandatory minor, more electives
  • Recognize diversity, revise curricula, make the university more accessible














TOF stands for a critical, qualitative and decentralized faculty. Through strong and reasonable arguments, we always want to engage in discussions with the university executives. The wishes of the students should be addressed and we believe that the unique character of the Humanities must be ensured. We are students of Humanities in heart and soul.


  • TOF stands for the development of critical minds
  • We strive for a faculty that is as decentralized as possible
  • TOF has a pragmatic attitude to get more results
  • The importance of students and their education is paramount














  • All openly left-wing teachers must be fired
  • If you want diversity, go to the VU
  • Self-development is not for the university
  • Less democracy
  • More Performance Thinking







Ons Kritisch Alternatief


Ons Kritisch Alternatief chose not to send in a text. For more information

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