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The Faculty Student Council (FSR) deals with issues that concern the Faculty of Science and defends the interests of students in meetings with the faculty board. Each year, there are a number of large and small subjects that the FSR is involved in. The FSR represents the students’ interests at the faculty board. The dean is obliged to listen because the FSR has legal consent and advisory rights.





LIEF is a student party present at Science Park. Our goal is to serve the interests of all beta students within the university. Visibility and presence at the faculty are our main goals. In addition to organizing our own actions, we are also present at debates, lectures and meetings.


  • Put decision-making power at the lowest level possible
  • Quality of education must always be a priority when making policy decisions.
  • Interaction between the various programs at the FNWI and interdisciplinarity are important.
  • A collaboration with the VU can only be continued if the quality of education improves.
  • Education must be organized as decentralized as possible.










The UvA is democratizing, but many of the rights we have as students are not yet well used. Party Stout is a counter-vote in a de facto party system. We believe that, as students, we must use all opportunities effectively to keep improving our faculty. Sometimes this means you need to be a bit naughty. An inclusive and diverse university.


  • More diversity among students, especially through switching programs from the universities of applied sciences and more opportunities for refugees
  • A sustainable university
  • Enhance English language at the FNWI
  • Affordable food in the canteen and more vegetarian / vegan options
  • A world-class Honors program, with additional incentives to participate in research











When we enter the student council we will only go to meetings on the AFS (cooperation with the VU) and then only to vote against this! The grants of council members will be used to hold drinks with free beer for the entire faculty. Simple right? Vote SLAAFS!


  • More beer
  • Less AFS










Ons Kritisch Alternatief


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